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What we do

We build custom Electronic Drums and Hybrid Drums for beginners, amateurs and professionals.

‣ All e-Drums models are customized with Leather finishing with multiple colors available

‣ We convert acoustic drums into Hybrid Drums focusing on professional stage usage

‣ Hybrid Drums can be converted back to acoustic drums within minutes

‣ Bring Your Own Drum (BYOD) and we will convert it for you

‣ All shells are equipped with 4 internal sensors compatible for positional sensing

‣ Configured in our shop for optimized performance with dedicated drum modules

‣ Customize your drum with multiple accessories

‣ Delivered ready to play with 2 years warranty on Shells


Bring Your Own Drum

Drum conversion and configuration : 750 €
eDrum Cymbal set : 450 €
eDrum Yamaha Edition Cymbal set : 600 €
Leather Rhodoïd : 200 €

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